Are still possible real profits on mobile store business?
We are changing EVERYTHING
Brand new smartphones and network operator plans are almost sold online then, wich is the solution?
Different mobile store concept
Only one place where you can find all  products and services that you need for your smartphone. Customers finally have a place where satisfy all their needs about mobile.

Local stores for close assistance
Phonup stores are a place where our customers find services and products that can not be purchased online such as buyback of used phones. We provide  warranty and assistance at any time without delay, long phone calls or shipping costs.
Certified Preowned and refurbished Smartphones
A wide range of most sold brand new,used and refurbished smartphones, tablets, smartwatchs and notebooks at best market prices with 12 MONTHS of warranty.
Mobile Express Repairs in site
Each store has in site repair center with certified trained technicians to provide professional express repairs on mobiles with international warranty.
There are no other mobile stores in the world like us. Join in the revolution
The widest range of Smartphones and tablets to the latest generation new, second hand
and refurbished and with the best value for money. The world of second-hand devices has
no secrets for Phonup which is able to set competitive prices for the selling of devices that
are in flawless condition as new. The second hand devices are guaranteed 12 months.

A team of qualified experts will support the customer in finding the best solution and advice 
while providing a safe and reliable repair even out of warranty. Phonup also offers a unique
Data Recovery Service outside the warranty. All our repairs are made live IN STORE.
Our professional technicians use only original spare parts and take care of customers
DATA inside their devices. Professionalis is our mission.

Phonup restores value in second hand devices, that is why you can exchange your old 
Smartphone with another second hand device or refurbished, safely and for the best price.

Phonup offers service contracts with telephone companies, supporting the customers 
before, during and after the purchase, providing personalized technical, networking and
commercial assistance. Our customer care service prides itself with a network of consultants
able to categorize each individual request on the basis of the client, the type of demand or
product, providing, in this way, rapid responses and quick solutions.
As green company, we love a healthy environment.
Phonup aims to be the market Leader in the field of refurbished mobiles phones. Our professional repair is without a doubt one of our greatest strengths in a business where devices seems to have shorten their life cycles.

We work everyday with extreme passion and professionality driven by a common vision: Restore value to Smartphones, extend their lives through re-use.

A refurbished/repaired smartphone is a smartphone less to dispose. Extending the life cycle of a device involves environmental care in terms of emissions and energy necessary for disposal. For these reasons, we are committed to improving the sustainability of the high-tech frontier, both for the collection and re-use.
We have created a set of products and services that tie customers and Phonup stores inextricably.
No other company in the world has such complete but above all professional stores in every aspect
We provide to all Phonup's investors of each country with all our know-how, systems,marketing and sales products developed over time and all the necessary documentation to start developing your nation right away.
Phonup is a unique offer within a business that will never know crisis and the end , mobile will never dies. Nowadays anyone has a smartphone so our potential customers are practically the whole population
International Network
  • Years of experience in the sale and purchase of second hand devices which lead us to form our High Professional Profiles and specialised skills
  •  A great market power acquired through collaborations with GDO and telephone companies both national and European.
  •  Know-How for repair and micro-repair
  •  Transnational networks with the ability to expand the business and profit accordingly.
  •  We differ from the common mobile phone store by providing all types of mobile phones and services.
  •  Phonup Quality Engineers operate a regular and dedicated quality control on all accessories and high-tech world devices, with 12 months second-hand warranty.
Partner Video Review
Mr Sanjeev Arora
Master Phonup India
Partner Video Review
Mr Gianluca Iannacone
Master Phonup Italy
Partner Video Review
Mr Enzo Marconi
Master Phonup Brasil

Our CEO Mr Gerardo Taglianetti

I founded the company in 2009  as the first one in Italy specialised in buy, repair and resell of used and refurbished mobile phones. By the end of 2013 i opened the first Phonup store in my home town and after 1 year there were 10 stores across Italy. In 2016 we opened the first store outside our country in London City, Uk. 
In 2017 we opened the first one in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 2018 we opened the first store in Delhi, India. Now we have more then 25 stores in 3 different continents looking to expand our project globally.
In Phonup our best feature is the team of highly competent and professional try that through hard work, passion and dedication continue to guide our company towards a better future. Our roots are in Italy but our vision is global. We believe that Phonup is able to offer the best combination of skills and professional ability in the field, ability demonstrated in quick understanding market needs and our clients by applying flexibility and timeliness to offer customized solutions. We are a family, each country is managed by a local partner to provide best assistance to all our partners and franchisees. On behalf of our entire international team i look forward to have you and your country part of our family.
Phonup Ltd - Palladium House, 1-4 Argyll Street, London, United Kingdom, W1F 7LD